Who Pays a Writer to Write?
14 March 2014

Other than the obvious clients or article farm, who DOES pay a writer to write? You may be surprised when you learn the answer to this pressing question. I'm talking about "pay the bills money" for writing a blog post.

Lately, I have heard rumblings about lack of paying markets for writers and thought I had found almost all of them ... at least. Then I discovered a little known source of writing that pays $50 more or less for writing a guest blog.

Do They Really ...

I have a good article that I felt was worth the time and effort to see how viable these sources might be. Sure enough, I found about 60% that actually did pay at that level. Several did not pay at all.

The good news is that you now have access to these same paying markets. You can earn $50 for a guest post IF you follow the directions closely. Most require you to query first.

Have Your Query Ready-to-Go

The query is simply a proposed title and not more than 200 words describing the points you will cover in your article. A couple of URLs that go directly to something you wrote should be at the bottom. Now, you wait.

For the benefit of my readers, most of the listings are now in the newest edition of the Directory of Paying Markets for Freelance Writers. It should be available by 15 April 2014. This is a completely new rendering of the directory that has been available for almost three years at

Release Date

On 15 April, please come to this spot where I will post the location and various formats for this new edition.
This Directory is currently available from, Kindle Direct and Please send proof of purchase and your best email address to so that you will receive FREE updates when they become available in the future.
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