Are you doing some things right like starting a blog or writing articles, but nothing is working? Maybe it's time to take another path. Consider this: Maybe you could use your writing skills in a very different way.

I recently read an article about a fellow who did some online matchmaking of services. This is an intriguing undertaking as he matches services to make a profit. Arbitrage is the name of the process and the method is easy to do.

First, you need to find someone who needs something done like articles or logos or, maybe a short report. Contact the person to find out the amount available for this service. People usually pay from $75-$400 for this service and make sure you receive at least one half of the amount up-front.

Get as much information/instructions as you can so the provider will know what the final product should look like. Then, find the provider!

Second, go to Fiverr.com to locate a person who is willing to provide this logo for 25% of the amount that the first person is willing to pay. Assign the task to the professional you found. When the task is complete, the final product will come to you via email and you will forward it to the first person using the same method.

Now, Fiverr is not the only provider and not even the best. These are some of the others:

1. microworkers.com

2. gigbucks.com

3. uphype.com

4. taskarmy.com

5. tenbux.com

6. jobsfor10.com

7. awesomegig.com

8. Fora20.com

9. Outsourcerr.com

10. Earner.net

11. iwilldoitfor.com

12. notjustafive.com

13. microgigsite.com

14. Gigblasters.com

15. Jobsfor12.com

As you can see, that list is quite extensive and should provide a potpouri of talent. You can pick the one providing the closest match to the instructions you receive from the original buyer. The difference between the buyer and the provider is your earnings for doing the arbitrage.

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Compiled and Written by Julie Scott

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