Freelance Writing:
A Pot Half Full Is Also A Pot Half Empty

One thing I always emphasize to writers who are just starting out is that websites written on a "to do" list is not effective. It is important to have more than one - preferably five or six - content sites where you can always find work. Sign up at each site, and be cavalier about the other sites where you are a writer (if they ask).

To assist you in locating sites that need content writers, check the list in the next column where I place five sites each month with live links to writer guidelines. Read those guidelines to decide if that site is right for you. You will know when you read their rules.

Seek variety to keep your writing fresh. The list will give you websites in three areas: general interest, blogging and magazines. If you fail to find something, you are not really looking or you aren't asking the right questions of yourself or a site representative.

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Looking for Writing Gigs?
A smart freelance writer is always on the hunt for new writing sources. You should have at least five "go to" sources in order to keep a consistent flow of work. This, of course, translates into consistent pay.
To assist you in this search, you will find five paying sources listed here just for writers.

Sources listed here have an online presence and some are available in hard copy with an offline presence, as well.
Want more? Amazon, Kindle and Smashwords have "Directory of Paying Markets for Freelance Writers" for sale.
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