Blog: Give PLR a Chance

If you have been writing for a length of time, it is likely you know about Private Label Rights (PLR). This is content that you can adapt/edit and use as your own. It is never acceptable to use PLR in its raw state.

Learn to Use PLR Appropriately

Since seminars, workshops and courses are necessary to enhance any career, courses are available to help you use PLR appropriately. This content tends to be very general and needs additional information to make it real. Angela Booth is an Australian writer with valuable insights on the modification and use of these short article/blog pieces. She has a section of her website that deals with various uses for this type of content.

Modify Your PLR

Other content providers sell articles in packages by the niche those articles cover. The packages usually have 10 short articles that deal with a certain small topic.
Inserting recent information research or a few quotes from an expert along with some civic news will help to customize each short PLR article. You can use the modification as a blog post, guest post or an article.

Re-purpose Your PLR Pack

Some have taken these articles and put them together as the basis for an eBook or report. A pack of PLR can sell for a lower price, and reap far more profits than a single article. Control the quantity of packs sold to diminish possible improper use by others.
The number of packages for a general release is often pre-set by country, population or geography. To request PLR on a specific topic, click here to send an email.


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