Freelance Writing:

Places That Pay for Content

Freelance writers can find a voice in many different places. One such place is the content mill. However, many writers pursue this source incorrectly. There is a method to finding the right location for your talent.

The content mill lists topics, keywords or themes for a writer to choose. The writer can then build an article for one or more clients who escrow payment at the mill site.

This is quite different from other formats, such as:

• Passive income sites

• Revenue-share sites

• Article sell sites

The only source on this list that is worth the time and effort would be the last one. Writers can name their price and sell writing to a willing buyer. The two other options will send you pennies sometime down the road.

It is very important to know the kind of writing you want to do and the income level you wish to achieve. Books and articles are available in digital and hard copy formats that give insight into the best sources or sites available to content writers.

A copy of my book “Directory of Paying Markets for Freelance Writers” may prove helpful to writers attempting to locate sites matching their goals. The Table of Contents reveals information about various writing styles including articles, blogs, grants, magazines, reviews and white papers. Amazon, Kindle and Smashwords carry this title and it is available to libraries, as well.


Looking for Writing Gigs?

A smart freelance writer is always on the hunt for new freelance writing sources. You should have at least five "go to" sources for consistent work. This, of course, will translate into consistent pay.

To assist you in this search, you will find five paying sources listed here just for writers.

  • General:
  • General:
  • Blog Site:
  • Magazine: Beta Magazine
  • Magazine: Subtropics

Sources listed here have an online presence and some are available in hard copy with an offline presence, as well.

Want more?, Kindle and have "Directory of Paying Markets for Freelance Writers" for sale.